Called To Share

February 19th, 2022

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Isaiah 61:5-11

The good news is well expressed in this chapter of Isaiah. We have been called priests and ministers to spread the good news to all the nations. What a privilege! And at the same time it is a responsibility. We have the call to come out of the darkness by the power of the Messiah, but also, He gave us the work to serve Him by bringing others to God.

Certainly, we are a nation that has been blessed so we can bless others. Our mission as a church is to make Christlike disciples. We are modeling how a disciple looks and, at the same time, we are telling others to come and be part of God’s blessed people. We work for the kingdom of God to come, to be established in the lives of others who are lost, so we do not work in vain.

I don’t know how 2020 treated you, but it will be in our minds and some will carry the scars of the pandemic. Those who are suffering and oppressed, God’s kingdom has come. While it is still available, God is inviting us to be His blessed people.

Author: Loyda Ruiz

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