Compelled To Serve

February 12th, 2022

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2 Timothy 1:1-10

The relationship Paul had with Timothy was close, deeply formed by a mutual love and respect. Paul was a mentor and guide to the young man and became a model of service to Christ and His Church. I imagine that Timothy might have been a bit shy, even hesitant to take a prominent role in the early days of their relationship. But Paul kept encouraging him, challenging him, and often prodding him to “fan into flame” the gifts of God given him (v. 6)
Paul was insistent that Timothy understand this: our life in Christ is a gift of grace. We do not deserve it or earn it. God has taken the initiative and invites us to join Him in the redemption of the world. That requires nothing less than utter commitment to the mission of God. That mission demands that we reflect the very character of Christ in everything we do. He has called us to a holy life! That will be costly but we are not left to our own resources. The power of God is our resource. Life and immortality are our reward.

Author: Jesse Middendorf

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