God Continually Loved

January 16th, 2022

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Psalm 103:11-22

“Who ate the cookies?”
“Mommy, a pink spotted monster came into the house and gobbled them all up!”
“Are you lying?”

I did not know at age 3 that it was wrong to lie but I thought if I admitted I was lying, all would be well! My mom worked to correct my moral failure and I still continued to create fantastic stories. I never wanted to disappoint my mom, but I knew I was always loved-even when I made up lies to get out of trouble.

My mom’s love seemed limitless even when she was correcting me. God’s love is everlasting to everlasting; we never reach the end of God’s love.  The love described in this Psalm is not conditional-as if God’s love stops if we do not obey.  Rather, we experience the fullness of God’s love when we walk in obedience to God’s laws.  God created the law to love us with a holy love. As He corrects our steps, we know that God’s love is everlasting. Are you walking in step with God so that you can experience the powerful waterfall that is God’s love?

Author: Aimee Mulder

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