Faithful Obedience: Difficult But Rewarding

January 14th, 2022

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Acts 7:51-60

Stephen heroically faces death as he speaks with an authority given to him by the Holy Spirit. He is one of my spiritual heroes. He calls out the hypocrisy of the Sanhedrin with a boldness that causes the religious leaders to gnash their teeth.  The shadow of death does not dim his commitment to boldly proclaim the truth. His gaze upward reveals Jesus and when he tells those assembled about his vision, the stones really fly. As he faces the stones’ impact, he forgives his killers and God gives him the gift of sleep.

Imitating Stephen means that we are brave enough to call out injustice, we have peace through all circumstances, and are filled with grace to forgive radically. How is Stephen able to do all of these things in a moment where stones are hurtling the way towards his limbs? Stephen is so full of the Holy Spirit that the way he dies is a testimony to the life he lived.  Are you open to being filled with the Holy Spirit?

Author: Aimee Mulder

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