Come, Worship Our King!

December 26th, 2021

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Psalm 95:1-11

Whenever my house gets too tense or full of bad attitudes we cry out, “Alexa, play a song.” The moment the music fills the air, all of the molecules in the room shift to joy or peace. I had no idea when we plugged in this electronic device linked to our music preferences that we would have the ticket to improve the atmosphere in our home. Music is our constant companion; we can call on a song at any time.

Jesus-followers have the joy of worshipping a God who came to earth and walked where we walk. When we kneel before the Lord, we bow before Jesus who is our constant companion. We can call on Christ anytime to change the molecules in the room. Look back to the manger and see that God’s plan to save all of us started by becoming a baby. We should be continually amazed that the One who created us chose to come near. We worship and bow down before our Lord, the constant presence in our life. Look back to the manger to look forward to a spiritual life where you are never alone.

Author: Aimee Mulder

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