Worship Christ as our Shepherd

December 20th, 2021

RG Audio 122021


Matthew 2:1-6

When the wise men faced Herod with their astrological findings. They did not stop to think about how their quest would impact King Herod, or maybe they wanted to find the child beyond any other concern. The wise men quested after the child to honor Him.

When King Herod asked where he could find this king, the wise men quoted words of the prophet that illustrate the new king as the shepherd of the people. Kings are not supposed to live on the pasture with their subjects, employing the gentle voice of a shepherd. There is no powerful picture of a king here, except that the stars told the story.

Where are you in this wise men moment? Are you making sure your power is intact like King Herod? Are you like the wise men who go to any lengths seeking the king?

What was it like to journey that far in order to bow down? We celebrate in this advent season not only the child king but the shepherd king. Are you willing to keep your eyes fixed on the shepherd child king of the Jews and, once you find Him, bow?

Author: Aimee Mulder

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