Wait for It

December 16th, 2021

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Luke 2:25-35

Waiting is not for the faint of heart. Ask any child this time of the year, and you will discover just how hard it is to wait. Remember your childhood and how long the month of December was? December was ages long. Now think of how December flies by!

Simeon knew what it was like to wait. According to Luke, “He was waiting for the consolation of Israel” (v. 25b). Undoubtedly, over the days and months and years that Simeon waited, some days were easier than others. I wonder if even this man who is remembered as being “righteous and devout” grew tired of waiting for the Lord to come (v. 25)?

Many of us have friends and family we are praying for, waiting for them to embrace God. When it seems impossible, I remember a dear parishioner who prayed and prayed for her husband. She faithfully attended church. The church prayed and prayed for her husband. People invited, encouraged, and prayed for her husband. Thirty years later, he became a believer on a fishing trip with his pastor. Thirty years.

Place your trust in God, pray for His will to be done, and wait with expectation for the wonders of the Lord.

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson

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