November 24th, 2021

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Genesis 45:1-9

Sometimes we see things better in hindsight. We have all experienced difficulties in life. In the middle of a crisis it may be impossible to see the hand of God working in the circumstances.

In those long years of separation from his family, Joseph had learned that God was divinely sovereign over the events in his life. God had brought him from slavery to power, and Joseph chose not to abuse his authority. Note, God’s sovereignty does not mean He always intervenes to keep us from experiencing the sinful decisions of others. Rather, He walks with us and empowers us with His Spirit, so we do not become bitter with life’s circumstances.

I love the way Joseph approaches his brothers. They feared this fierce young ruler. Joseph said, “Come close to me.” When their eyes met, the recognition swept over them. Joseph forgave them. Freely. No strings attached. He had power to punish his brothers or to reconcile with them. Joseph chose the way of grace.

Author: Carol Rittenhouse


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