WWG (Wrestling with God)

November 3rd, 2021

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Genesis 32:22-32

All of Jacob’s efforts had gone into avoiding an ambush by Esau. Unexpectedly and unknowingly, however, Jacob is ambushed by God. All of a sudden, he finds himself fighting with a stranger.

We are not given lots of details. However, we get the impression that this is more than a physical struggle. It is a quest for revelation. As the new day breaks, the nature of both contestants come to light. One must admit that his name (and his nature) is that of a liar and a schemer; the Other, in response, blesses him with a new name. So, at Peniel, cheater Jacob becomes Israel, a “God-wrestler.”

I love the idea of a God who is okay with us wrestling Him. God supports our desire to grasp Him, to find answers to the questions of faith and life, our longing to know and be known. So, let’s use today to meet Him face-to-face, to ask tough questions, and to receive a fresh revelation of who He is.

Author: Davide Cantarella


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