Reassurance of God’s Presence

October 13th, 2021

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Exodus 33:12-23

After God rescued the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, the people rebelled. Their insubordination took the form of a golden calf—an idolatrous symbol that indicated their lack of faith. In the aftermath of this flagrant disobedience, there is a profoundly intimate scene between Moses and the Lord.

Moses is understandably discouraged by the depravity of his tribe. Under emotional exhaustion unique to leading a massive undertaking, Moses seeks the comfort and strength of the Lord’s presence. He wants to know God. He wants to know His ways. He wants continued favor. In other words, Moses needs reassurance that God would continue to lead His people.

This is the cry of every leader seeking to lead a people to God’s heart and mission. Leadership is hard and at times, painfully discouraging work.

God soothes Moses’ anxieties reassuring him that God sees him, God is pleased with him, and that God knows him by name. Imagine how this emboldens Moses.

Do you need this kind of invigoration? This kind of reassurance?

Author: Christine Hung

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