Blessed Through Abraham

October 5th, 2021

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Genesis 14:17-24

When Abram and his group arrived home from rescuing Lot, they were greeted by two people in completely opposite ways. Melchizedek, the first priest in the Bible, laid out a royal banquet of bread and wine for Abram. He blessed both Abram and ˜God Most High.” Abram gratefully accepted this greeting and responded by giving Melchizedek one tenth of the plunder.

The king of Sodom, however, had turned out only to get
back what he wanted from Abram. Abram had no intention of making any personal gain at his expense (v. 23). Abram would give him back not just the people he had demanded, but everything that belonged to Sodom. Abraham was blessed by God and Melchizedek; he shared that blessing with others.

Of the two people Abram encountered, one wanted to bless God and him, the other wanted something from him. Abraham didn’t horde the blessing, in fact, he blessed the person who treated him ungraciously.

Do I recognize the blessings that God has given me? Will I give the extra back to God and to those in need? Am I willing to bless those who are unkind to me?

Author: Paul Dazet

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