His Name

October 3rd, 2021

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Revelation 22:1-7

As a mother of three children, Stephanie often find herself juggling a lot of details: schedules, appointments, assignments. If her children repeatedly forget something, she usually jokes that she will write it on their foreheads. You can’t forget something that is literally written on your head.

Revelation 22 tells us that heaven is a glorious place. The curse will be no more. The Lamb is on His throne.

The best part: we will see His face. When we are absent from our loved ones, we can hardly wait to see their faces. We know them when we see them. We will finally be able to see Christ face-to-face!

Not only will we be able to see Christ’s face, we will be marked as His. We can’t be mistaken for anyone else’s but Christ’s. We can’t forget whose we are. It will be written on our foreheads.

Imagine if those around you get a glimpse today of that future reality when they see and hear us! May Christ’s shining face radiate from you and may His name be visible in everything you do.

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson

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