Ready When He Is

August 29th, 2021

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Luke 12:35-43

“Are you ready?” Those three words form one of the more loaded questions in any relationship. It can be an innocent inquiry by a spouse or parent when the time comes to leave for school or work, or a terse question expressing impatience and frustration. It can be a coach’s challenge to his team before they take the field. It can be a giddy question by a confident student to someone fearful because they failed to study for an upcoming test. Being ready can be an assuring thought or a looming dread of the future.

Being ready means more than just being on time; for that “prompt” is more precise. Readiness means being on time and fully prepared. It’s a good feeling to be ready for something, and a bad one to watch your train pull out knowing you didn’t quite make it at the announced time with bag in hand. Conductors don’t ask because both are expectations.

What distractions need to be removed from your life to regain or strengthen your focus on Christ, so that loving and serving Him is your most important priority? God’s forever is coming. We don’t know when. Why not be ready, by living ready?

Author: Bruce Oldham

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