What Quenches Life’s Thirst

August 27th, 2021

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Isaiah 55:1-9

I have a morning routine that many may share. I’m not talking about Bible reading and prayer, though I too practice that important daily discipline to begin each day. But it also seems my body will make its way into the kitchen before the sun gets very high to make a large cup of coffee. Living in a tropical climate for several years, however, I learned that coffee doesn’t help when I’m really thirsty. What I need then is water and lots of it; only water will quench my deep thirst. The same principle applies when hungry; a morning pastry can take me only so far, but food of substance will get me through a busy day.

Much with which we fill our lives may be enjoyable, give us some sense of accomplishment, and “keep a roof over our heads.” Yet to serve Christ, with Him as the reason and focus of life, can transform what we do and fill it with purpose and meaning. Our busy agenda provides temporary satisfaction, but to seek the Lord in all our living will be an investment in what will endure forever. His ways beckon us to the “richest of fare!” (Isaiah 55:2b)

Author: Bruce Oldham


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