In God’s Eternal Day

August 25th, 2021

RG AUDIO 082521


Revelation 22:1-7

The American Academy of Ophthalmology defines night vision as “ability to see in low light conditions.” Night vision occurs as the iris opens wider, making the pupil larger to allow more light to reach the retina. The retina’s rod cells collect the available light, being more sensitive in low light than the cone cells that give us the ability to see color, so night vision produces dimmer shades of gray for visual decision-making.

Sometimes “spiritual” night vision can deteriorate with age if discouragement about changes in our life cloud our outlook. Unconfessed sin at any age affects our spiritual retina of righteousness, allowing less of God’s light in so that we have difficulty as we try to walk in His righteousness. Human frailty may blind us or open us up only to grays produced by lack of vision for what God may be doing in our life. But for those in the eternal city, there will be no more night, for “God will give them light.” We will see His face in full color on that wonderful day!

Author: Bruce Oldham


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