More Than a Fresh Coat

August 23rd, 2021

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Revelation 21:1-8

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint does to brighten up a home, a school, or a church. The busier the indoor traffic, the greater numbers using it, and temperature extremes outdoors or inside are just a few factors that heighten the need for regular renewal.

Yet how easy it is to disregard or delay a needed renovation. Caretakers stay busy with the business going on inside, not recognizing decline and deferred maintenance decreasing the value of the property and to the morale of those using it. Before long, cracks and creaks develop, dilapidation results from dereliction by those who should care, and finally doubts prevail about the worth and even the possibility of becoming what it once was.

Isaiah exclaimed that a new day was on the horizon, to be ushered in by the coming of a Savior. Having seen His glory, John foresaw the final victory when our Savior would return to make all things new in heaven and on earth. We anticipate the day when “It is done!” (Revelation 21:6).

Author: Bruce Oldham

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