God is Good and Our Deliverer

August 16th, 2021

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1 Samuel 2:1-10

In 1 Samuel 2, Hannah is the one singing in response to God giving her a child. She was so thankful that she could not help but praise God! I have three children of my own and there is nothing quite like holding a child for the first time. Tears of joy and sometimes even laughter bubble up at the arrival of a new baby.

Babies are born every day, but each birth and each baby is a miracle. Hannah knew that her baby was absolutely a miracle, and in response she wanted to praise God. Her song is similar to the song of Miriam after the people of Israel escaped Egypt, and the song of Mary after the birth of Jesus. These women praised God for the way that God worked in powerful ways during what seemed like overwhelming and insurmountable circumstances. God delivered Hannah from her barrenness, the people of Israel from Egypt, and the world from sin through Christ.

There is much to rejoice about in the Lord. Though the world may seem dark and feel overwhelming, we have this hope: God is good and He is our deliverer.

Author: Cara Shonamon


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