A Family Resemblance

August 12th, 2021

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Luke 6:27-36

Whether through adoption or by birth, a child will generally strive to be like others in the family. The values, the humor, the special means of communication, will all play a part in feeling connected to the family. We were made for relationship and we generally desire to be accepted in the family.

When God adopts us into His family, we will want to be more and more like God as others seek to see the resemblance of our connection to this family. This resemblance comes more through time spent together in relationship than simply desiring it.

One becomes like that to which they devote themselves. When you commit to spending your time and treasures on relationships with others you will become like them. We are influenced in this way because of our need for acceptance and belonging.

First, rejoice in this wonderful characteristic of our creator God. He is merciful! Second, desire to be like God in this way and pray for a greater capacity for mercy. Third, wait with God and as you spend time with Him you will become more like Christ.

Author: Cindy Shomo North

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One Response to “A Family Resemblance”

  1. Márcio José do Espírito Santo Says:

    August 12th, 2021 at 5:27 am

    Eu creio nisso plenamente Cindy!

    Para o ser humano é muito difícil fazer o que Deus quer, muito mais fácil é fazer como todos fazem seguindo o fluxo do mundo parecendo com o mundo.
    Mas nós aprendemos de Cristo para parecermos com nosso Pai celestial!

    Glória a Deus! Deus abençoe em nome de Jesus Cristo! Palavras maravilhosas.

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