Mercy Awarded For Righteousness

August 10th, 2021

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Genesis 18:26-33

God longs to bring mercy. Amazing power is found in a just life before God. The one that is righteous brings great pleasure and joy to the God who is merciful.

The beauty found in such faithful lives before God is what Abraham focuses on as He seeks God’s response concerning whether ten lives being lived for God can save an entire city. God is willing to save because of just ten righteous people.

Living a just life before God is of great value.
Our city, town, or rural area may become a place of salvation and restoration because of the faithfulness which we pursue.
Yes, Christ is the author and finisher of our faith, but we can rest assured that our lifestyle of righteousness before God will impact many around us. God gives us the great opportunity to work with Him pursuing His desires of mercy and salvation in the lives of our neighbors and friends. What an amazing benefit of living a righteous life!

Author: Cindy Shomo North

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