God’s Peace Steadies Us

July 27th, 2021

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Psalm 119:153-168

There is a good chance that the society and culture in which you live have been experiencing what is called discontinuous change. This happens when there is a big change, and just as everyone is getting used to it, everything changes again and throws everyone for a loop. A year ago, the world was hit hard with the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. Many nations around the globe struggled. First it was China, then Italy, the United States of America, then Brazil. The self-quarantining, the self-isolation, the lockdown—it brought so much of our societies to a standstill. The coronavirus brought discontinuous change!

Even during the trouble, the storm, the raging sea, God extends to us peace. Still, even in this day, God gives us peace. Peace is given, even though the storm rages. Peace fills us when the darkness seems to crowd around us. Peace is ours despite having more questions than answers.

God is our calm. God is our peace. God is our refuge.

Author: Michael Scarlett

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