Character Matters

July 10th, 2021

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Proverbs 19:13-23

My four-year-old has learned that sometimes she can get away with an innocent white lie. I can see the wheels turning in her head when she is about to tell something other than the truth.  To help her make good choices and understand the weight of lying, I created a “Trust Jar” for her. When she told the truth, I added marbles to the jar. When she lied, I had to take marbles out. This visual helped her understand the importance of truth telling and the importance of character.

I once heard it said that “proverbs are not promises.” That is a good reminder. The book of Proverbs is not absolute “if-then” statements, rather observations that took place over time. As such, they have great wisdom! These proverbs all work together to remind us about the importance of our character. It is tempting to be someone else in public than we are in private. In the end, living a double-life catches up to us. Our character matters and is important as we live following Christ.

Author: Cara Shonamon

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