Rejoice In Him

July 4th, 2021

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Psalm 32:6-11

What do you rejoice in? We can rejoice in many different things. Some of them are healthy and helpful while others can be damaging and destructive. As a dad I rejoice in the achievements and accomplishments of my kids. Maybe you rejoice in time together with your family, or in fellowship and life together with your church family.

Sometimes we are drawn to seek joy in temporary things. We discover that any happiness found there is temporary and fleeting. Many of the sources where people seek fulfillment and joy ultimately disappoint us and leave us feeling empty and dry.

There is only one true source of joy and that is the Lord, in whom the psalmist instructs us to rejoice. We can rejoice in Him because He is faithful, steadfast, and unwavering. We can rejoice in Him because He does not shift or change. This source of joy is not affected or impacted by our circumstances.  When we rejoice in Him we have deep, rich, meaningful, and lasting joy.

Author: Tim Britton


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