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July 2nd, 2021

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Acts 12:5-12

But the church.” Isn’t that a powerful phrase? In Acts 12, we’re reading about a challenging moment in the life of the early church.  Their most visible and vocal leader had been arrested and was about to stand a public trial. It was almost certain he wouldn’t be treated fairly, and the truth would not be heard. This could have been a devastating setback for this fledgling group of Jesus’ followers.

They could have responded like we do. They could have called a meeting to plan and strategize. They could have been filled with worry and fear. They could have even shut down and given up.

They cried out to God to do what only He can do. They prayed for deliverance and rescue: they prayed for a miracle.  God showed up and exceeded every hope and expectation. God loves to surprise and amaze us, but sometimes we forget to ask Him to do so.

May we pray big, bold prayers with confident trust that He is always able and in control.

Author: Tim Britton


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