Proud To Persevere

June 28th, 2021

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2 Thessalonians 1:1-7a

If you are hearing this there is a solid chance you are a part of a local church somewhere. I hope you love that church! What is it that you love about that place and those people? What is it that makes your church special and unique? What would you share with a friend about why they would also love your church?

As followers of Jesus, we tend to avoid prideful behavior like boasting, but what if we were able to boast about the incredible people who make up the body of Christ and all the compelling ways we are working together to fulfill His mission in the world together? Paul tells this church that he has been boasting about their perseverance and faith during trying times. That is a strong testimony to the faithfulness and strength of God.

Can you boast about your church? Do you realize that you are the church? If you can’t think of a good reason to boast about your church perhaps you could apply yourself to being part of the boasting that a fellow member of your church could do.

Author: Tim Britton


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