Go With God

June 22nd, 2021

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1 Thessalonians 5:19-28

Every Sunday, as the final words of the closing prayer were spoken, the preacher would raise his arms to the congregation, tell them to open their eyes, lift their heads, and to place their hands with their palms facing up to receive the final blessing. The blessing often included the words of Paul from his letter to the church in Thessalonica.

The words were not spoken softly, but powerfully and with confidence: God of peace . . . Sanctify you through and through . . . Your whole spirit . . . Be kept blameless . . . The one who calls you . . . Is faithful and will do it (1 Thessalonians 5:23-24). The words were not spoken lightly, but as both an assurance of who God is, and the power of God working through one’s entire being.

What words to encourage another with! These words are not only a reminder of God’s power, but what His power can do through you. What peace we can have when we allow God to fully work His way and His will in our lives! What an amazing experience when we know that God has called us into His faithfulness. As we go out, may we live in the confidence of these words, trusting that we can go in God’s peace and faithfulness!

Author: Karolyn Parsons


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