Embodying God’s Word

June 20th, 2021

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Psalm 119:9-16

Before the days of global positioning systems, getting directions and finding your way to geographical locations was greatly dependent on possessing a map. I remember how my father’s almost sixth sense for geography and knowing his direction would be very advantageous to our family when traveling.

On those occasions when “detours” would pop up during our travels in a car, my father invariably could find an alternate route to save time without giving it much thought. While it may have seemed like impulse and happenstance that he could find his way without much struggle, the more likely explanation is that this was a result of the many hours my dad enjoyed studying his maps.

When the Psalmist recognizes the difficulty of youth being pulled away from God, he reflects on how God’s word can be the map and compass to keep us on the right path. This will not come easy without “treasuring” God’s word. When we know the great value and power that God’s word truly brings, we will desire to spend time waiting and studying that word.

Author: Cindy Shomo North


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