Approved By God

June 7th, 2021

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1 Thessalonians 2:1-8

Paul’s focus, his laser-tight aim, was to do one thing and one thing only: give witness to the gospel of God. He knew it was like approaching a wildfire with a water gun. This “pleasing task,” as Charles Wesley called it, is one Paul recognized that had been entrusted to him. It’s not his—it’s God’s—and he’s a steward.

As Christ followers, by grace, we are approved by God to join in this unfinished task of proclaiming the gospel. We’re challenged to have all our life’s focus concentrate on this one thing, this “pleasing task to pursue.” It’s giving ourselves fully to God’s service to live as those who are approved by God for the sake of the gospel. This means that temptations to seek control and power, and to have our egos stroked must be held in check. Laser-tight aim and focus on this pleasing task leads us to live lives that are holy, righteous (just), and blameless.

Author: Michael Scarlett


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