June 5th, 2021

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James 1:12-21

Human beings don’t have to be taught how to cast blame on others. However, we do have to be taught how to take responsibility for our actions.

As adults, we don’t usually blatantly blame our bad choices on another individual. It usually sounds more like an excuse or a justification. Regardless of how we dress it up, anything less than the truth causes us to fall short in God’s eyes.

Perhaps that’s what prompted James to pen today’s passage. Perhaps his audience needed to be reminded of the importance of always living in the truth. James says that we were created to be God’s “firstfruits.” Remember those Old Testament sacrifices? Remember how the offerings were to be the “first” of whatever they had been blessed with? Romans 12 instructs us to be “living sacrifices” (v.1). That means our offerings must be the cream of the crop, just like those demanded of the Israelites.

We too, can be top of the line, firstfruit kinds of sacrifices if we align ourselves with God’s truth. What kind of offering have you brought to the Father today?

Author: Andrea Talley


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