Straight Ahead

April 25th, 2021

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Hebrews 10:19-25

I’ve seen my fair share of deer crossing the road in front of me while driving. On one evening driving down a country road in southwest Michigan, I caught sight of a deer only as a brown flash leaping over the front of my car. The rule of thumb when surprised by a deer is to go ahead and hit the deer. If you can’t brake in time while remaining in your lane, go ahead and hit the deer. This competes with our natural instinct to veer away and avoid an accident but there is more danger in swerving than in actually hitting it. It’s a response you almost have to rehearse: “keep the steering wheel straight ahead; don’t swerve.”

The perils, uncertainties, and surprises of life circumstances can also trigger our natural instinct to deviate from course. Doubts flood our mind. Disappointments, loss, anxiety, and fear can leap out in front of us.

Will you rehearse the faith, hold on unswervingly to hope, and stay in the lane? Moving through these barriers with the One who is faithful is less dangerous and also more fulfilling.

Author: Jamison Sandbloom


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