Forgiveness Brings Future Blessings

April 15th, 2021

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Genesis 50:14-21

When you have wronged someone, intentionally or unintentionally, someone needs to make the first move to bring reconciliation. There must be a time of “clearing the air” to move forward.

Joseph had reason to punish his brothers. After all they had teased him, humiliated him, sold him into slavery, and even lied to their father that Joseph was dead. Lots of deceit and lots of guilt had to bother some of Joseph’s brothers. I am surprised that not one of them let the truth slip out over the years.

Meanwhile God had a plan for Joseph. Joseph could not have enjoyed the title and the life of a leader in Egypt unless he had not gone through great pain and suffering. The saving of many lives was God’s plan. God used Joseph to provide food during the famine that He knew was coming.

God sees the outcome of every situation. God can and will do whatever it takes to rescue and save His people. If we are faithful to trust God in the hard times, He will bring good to us and bless others.

Author: Susanne Blake


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