Waiting for Great Things

April 12th, 2021

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Romans 8:18-25

It seems that waiting is something most people do not like to do. Waiting requires patience as things we cannot control override what we hope to become a reality. Time spent waiting is not in vain, however. Romans 8 talks about an expectation we have when we see that our present sufferings do not compare to the glory that will be revealed in us. Our hope in Christ is more than forgiveness of our sins; it is living in hope.

The hope we wait for is like the waiting of a mother for her child to be born. Patiently waiting for nine months anticipates the hope of a healthy baby. The pains of childbirth precede the birth of a child. There is no denying that childbirth is hard.  Our hope for a future with Christ is not waiting for the unexpected, but for the expectation when we shall be united with Christ.

As we wait with patience, we see life as not just enduring suffering, but patiently waiting for a life we cannot even imagine.

Author: Susanne Blake


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