Speed Limits vs. Spirit Living

April 10th, 2021

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2 Corinthians 3:1-8

Sometimes I drive the speed limit. Sometimes I don’t. I know what the law says, but the law does not always convince me to make the wisest choice. Speed limit laws, while necessary, have yet to change my heart.

This is the struggle with trying to live by the law. We can follow the rules with disdain. We can follow the letter of the law and still be far from God. Even if we follow the law perfectly, it leads to nothing but pride, frustration, and death.

It is here that God steps in and sets us free. It is not the law we follow, but the Spirit of God. Where the law fails to change us, the Spirit is transformational. Where the law is impersonal and inflexible, the Spirit is personal and intimate. Where the law brings death, the Spirit gives life.

In what ways have you been frustrated trying to follow the rules? In what ways has law-following become a burden in your life? Ask the Holy Spirit to shape and mold you into Christlikeness. Listen to the Spirit’s leading and move away from all that leads to destruction and toward all that leads to life.

Author: Chris Gilmore


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