A Full Inheritance

April 6th, 2021

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Romans 8:8-17

Bill and Melinda Gates are worth billions of dollars but they want their children to appreciate money so they have determined their kids will inherit only a small portion of this fortune. This seems quite reasonable, but I’m thankful it is not how God works.

We are heirs of God. The language used in Romans 8 refers to the full legal adoption to the status of an heir. We are family.  We fully belong to God and God fully belongs to us. We don’t get only a portion of God as our inheritance, but we are “co-heirs with Christ.” We get all that Jesus gets.

Our inheritance is better than billions of dollars, too. We inherit salvation and the kingdom of God. We inherit resurrection and eternal life. Heirs don’t work for their reward. It is a gift for simply belonging to the family.

By the work of Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit we have been adopted.

Today let us rejoice and be glad that we have a full inheritance because of our adoption into this family.

Author: Chris Gilmore


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