Cups of Cold Water

April 2nd, 2021

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2 Corinthians 5:11-21

I traveled in a mission group while in college. We sang, preached, taught Sunday School classes, held kid’s meetings and more for the cause of missions in local churches. I love to sing and always have, but I am not too good at it. Three of us were approached by the music director with a simple request: Don’t sing, just mouth the words! We tried for a while, but just couldn’t help ourselves. We actually began singing to the consternation of the director!

God calls us to have a genuine love for others that we “no longer live for ourselves” but for Him who died for others. It is not an act that I just mouth the words of service, but actually do the acts of service. It is allowing the Holy Spirit to help us meet needs, whether temporal or spiritual, of those around us and leaving the results to God.

Look around your world today. Ask God to direct you to someone who genuinely needs help, and then reach out a hand to help in Jesus’ name!

Author: Derl Keefer


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