Trust and Obey

March 24th, 2021

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Romans 4:1-12

Abraham is one of the most famous men in the Bible. He is the first patriarch. Abraham is the grandfather of the Jacob, who became known as Israel. The Jewish lineage began with Abraham. Promises that God made to Abraham still hold true today as Abraham’s descendants are truly more numerous than the uncountable stars of the heavens.

Abraham did not start as the noble and greatly revered patriarch we read about today, however. His story began with a simple act of trust. Abraham believed and trusted God with each major step of his life. He trusted God with his home and household, the very life of his son Isaac, and his future. He trusted and obeyed God at each turn.

Abraham is remembered as a man of great faith and trust in God the Father. God the Father is looking for modern day Abrahams to use in a mighty way for His glory and purpose. What is God calling you to today? The qualifications are simple: Trust and obey. This week place your trust in God as you obey His calling and direction.

Author: Suzanne Cook


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