A Confident Rule

March 14th, 2021

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Hebrews 4:6-16

On my latest coaster adventure, my white-knuckled grip on the shoulder harness seat handles wasn’t enough to calm my nerves or convince me of security. Risk and concern loom larger in my mind with each passing amusement park season.

As I read Hebrews 4, I think of the rollercoaster ride of life and how it impacts our confidence of faith. The twists and turns of family and work, the ups and downs of victories and failures, the stomach-dropping free falls and loops that turn our personal world upside down. Sometimes these dips and curves are directly related to our faith journey. The religious hand holds we’ve relied on don’t seem secure enough anymore. We feel whipped about and woozy and find our desire waning.

We’re reminded here it’s not an impersonal or unsympathetic structure as our source of support. No, it is the very personal God in Christ, creator and sustainer. We can confidently hang on during this ride of life and faith, trusting the safety and security we have in Christ.

Author: Jamison Sandbloom


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