Trust in the Victorious God

February 27th, 2021

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Psalm 20:1-9

Psalm 20 includes some bold statements. The proclamation of victory, the announcement of triumph over the enemy, the promise of God’s answer from His heavenly sanctuary: bold statements of faith.

Today, what are you facing in your life that seems too big, too powerful, too overwhelming for you? Join the psalmist in a proclamation of faith in the power of Christ to fight for you. He will do it, you know.

I have a dear friend who often prays, “Jesus, fight for me. Fight for my children. Fight for my friends.” There is something so powerfully vulnerable in asking and believing that God fights for us. So many of the troubles that we face draw their strength and power from the forces that we cannot see, but God knows and God sees. God fights for you. God fights for me.

There is a beautiful power in proclaiming the victory of Christ over the struggles that we face. Join me and let us sing together a song of thanks and a song of victory to the One who not only fights for us but has already claimed victory for us over our enemy.

Author: Teanna Sunberg

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