Power Through Prayer

February 23rd, 2021

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Mark 9:14-29

Chapters and books have been written on prayer over the ages. Though we may understand something, we understand little about how it works. We know that we are to pray. We know that prayer works miracles.

The intellectual pursuit of the power of prayer, though a worthy endeavor, surely pales in comparison to the desperate pleas of a father in Mark 9. Jesus responds to the father’s request with a miracle, but we see both the frustration of Jesus and the compassion of Jesus. To whom is the frustration directed? Is it directed at the teachers of the law, the crowd, the father, or the disciples? What do we do with the fact that the people around Jesus were unable to recognize Him as the answer to their prayers, but the demon recognized Jesus immediately?

Jesus says that it is only through prayer that this kind of demon comes out. It would be equally true to say that it is only through prayer that our eyes are truly able to see, our minds able to understand, and our bodies able to move in step and in spirit with Christ.

Author: Teanna Sunberg


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