The Recipe For Sustained Greatness

February 6th, 2021

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Jeremiah 22:1-9

Many sports franchises have said that sustaining long-term excellence is much more arduous and many companies agree.

Why is continuous quality so rare? In sports, the year after winning a championship could bring injuries or personnel changes. In business, fluctuating markets or new technology could mean a dip in profits. However, psychologists would say that in most cases, we lose focus, and the hunger to excel is naturally lessened once we have reached the pinnacle of our profession.

This occurs, too, spiritually. For a kingdom desiring long-term God-granted greatness the recipe is simple: be just and defend the helpless (v. 3-4). If we forget to do those things, we will fall rapidly from first to worst. The decline will be so marked that people everywhere will essentially ask in confusion, “Weren’t these the people who said God was on their side?” (v. 5-8).

Let us allow Him to continue this great work through us as we engage in seeking justice in the world around us.

Author: Scott Armstrong


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