Lord of Creation Multiplies Our Food

January 25th, 2021

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Mark 6:30-44

The symbols of bread and fish are all over our biblical narrative. Fish become the symbol of abundance—from becoming fishers of men to the abundance of forgiveness that Jesus offers Peter as He fries up fish on a beach. The bread fills our hungry stomachs and the broken bread feeds our hungering souls. While we may search in a myriad of places, abundance and fulfillment are found only in relationship to Christ.

In the famous story of the bread and fish, we hear again the themes of abundance and fulfillment. These ancient and beautiful truths lead us to see the Lord as the provider and supplier of all our needs. God knows, God is present, God responds, God provides. Through sacrifice and trust, one small portion (two fish and five loaves), became a feast so abundant that it provided leftovers.

Come to the table. Find the abundance of love and peace that is yours.

Author: Teanna Sunberg

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