A Messy Affair

January 5th, 2021

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Mark 1:1-8

In 2009 the Kuhn family worked on a convention center grounds in Arequipa, Peru. With three young boys in tow, Rachel and her husband did their best to get the place ready for the moment when over 5,000 people would come to the Lord. Their son Miles’ adventurous explorations led him to a series of giant mud puddles where he proceeded to test each one with boyish energy. A deep cleansing was necessary for that child.

The people of God had spent so long away from Him that they were desperate to find Him. When they heard of a wild man in the wilderness proclaiming the Messiah’s coming, they ventured out into the desert to see if it was true. The words of God rang so powerfully through John that people repented and were cleansed through John’s baptism of purification.

Have you found yourself far away from God recently? Call on Him today. He has proven again and again that He shows up in the messiest of places, working to cleanse us from our sin.

Author: Rachel Kuhn

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