Redefining our Past, Reshaping our Future

December 13th, 2020

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Romans 5:12-21

Like it or not, we are defined by our past, both personal and generational. The story of Adam is our story as we experience brokenness, separation, and death because of the destructive nature of sin at work in our lives. The brokenness we experience today is, at least in part, caused by the brokenness of the past, and our own darkness can bring pain and heartache into the lives of people in the future.

Thanks be to God that He saw fit to break into the depressing and bleak cycle of sin in human life! Through Jesus, we receive an escape from the years of brokenness and destruction.

Jesus brings mercy and forgiveness, which redefines our past and allows us, by His power, to reshape the future. We are brought into a new way of living that not only changes who we are, but can transform the way our loved ones live long after we are gone. Let’s rely on the power of Jesus to enter into a future-transforming cycle of love today.

Author: Rachel Campbell

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