The Witness of a Servant

December 11th, 2020

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Acts 6:1-8

Though the beginning of Acts 6 focuses on Stephen, the servant and eventual martyr of the early church, within the verses we find the story of a people who recognized the value of serving the voiceless in their community. The early church understood the importance of leadership, of course, and the apostles knew that their unique leadership was needed for the people of God to thrive. Leaders were also needed to take charge in the embodiment of Christ’s love through serving those who needed aid the most.

The leaders selected to oversee the distribution of food were selected specifically because of their relationship with God through the Holy Spirit and their wisdom. They had to be skilled for the task at hand, but more importantly, their service had to be grounded in their love for Jesus.

Stephen’s well-known testimony and eventual martyrdom clearly demonstrated that those who were selected to serve were powerfully committed to the kingdom. They embodied the love of Jesus through their service to others.

May we, filled with the Holy Spirit and gifted with Christ’s wisdom, do the same.

Author: Rachel Campbell

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