The Permanent Love of God

December 8th, 2020

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Psalm 103:13-22

Our world is filled with pictures of impermanence. The cooler weather brings us visual reminders that the grass does indeed wither and the flowers do fade. Observing the cycles of growth and decay in our world, we are reminded that nothing lasts forever—least of all our lives.

Just as a garden’s surface can change radically in the span of just a few weeks, so the impact of our lives will only be evident on the surface of the world around us for a very small portion of eternity. Does this seem bleak? Not to our heavenly Father. He knows how our world shifts and changes, and the impact our lives will have. Like a master gardener, He tends us. He is consistent even when our lives are not. He is unchanging even when we change so much that we ourselves struggle to keep up.

Though our lives are impermanent, we can rely on the permanent love of God. By the power of that constant love, He will carry us into eternity.

Author: Rachel Campbell

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