Lord Of All Creation

December 1st, 2020

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Psalm 89:9-18

In the Jewish culture, raging waters were something to be feared. While water represented life, large bodies of water also symbolized chaos, danger, and destruction. Waters seemed to have a mind of their own. In their grasp, humanity was at risk. Raging waters could overpower, overwhelm, and destroy. There was little defense against such powers of the creation.

The psalmist, however, declares that this God who is Lord of all the creation also rules over these chaotic waters. This creator God can speak but a word and the creation obeys. At the sound of the Creator’s voice, the raging seas become calm.

Our God is the Lord of all creation. There is nothing outside the power of our God. We can take comfort that when we face the chaotic waters of our world, in whatever form they may take, our God is more powerful still. There is no chaos our God cannot bring to order or power that is too great for our God to overcome.

Author: Rebecca Jones

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