Soaring High

November 29th, 2020

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Acts 13:32-41

Recently my family and I had the opportunity to release some birds back into the wild that had been injured and nursed back to health. According to the lady who cared for them, swifts make a yearly journey from South Africa to Europe. They can fly as high as 10,000 ft. They can eat, sleep, and mate while in flight.  They are born to fly far and fly fast. However, when they are injured they are very vulnerable and need constant care. They are kept with other swifts that are injured in cages where they are monitored and fed.

When it is time to release the birds, the caretakers come to a large open field, give them one more meal, cradle them gently in their hands, give them a small boast upwards and the swifts take flight. It is amazing to be a part of and to see.

When we are set free from sin we also can soar like those swifts. We can reach heights we never could have dreamed of if we follow Christ. We can fly free from chains.

Soar free with Christ.

Author: Beth Heath

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