Free To Run

November 26th, 2020

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Galatians 5:1-6

Our lives and ministry over the last several years have involved lots of travel. Our son Peter was born in South Africa and has spent countless hours in his car seat and in an airplane seat.  He loves to be outside, running free and barefoot. A few months after he went from walking to running, we flew back to the United States, a 16-20 hour journey. Our little guy knew freedom, he knew what was like to run free and not be confined to our arms or to a seat. He was less than pleased when he was confined to a very small space and to short little walks in aisles on our long journey.

Once we have tasted freedom from sin, why do we want to go back to living in bondage? Don’t be tempted by the enemy’s promises of happiness, power, money, or “freedom” from rules. True freedom can only be found in Christ. Life with Christ can be a life free from chains if we will allow Him to break the chains holding us back.

Don’t confine yourself to an airplane seat when you can be running free in an open field.

Author: Beth Heath


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