Respect Your Parents

October 12th, 2020

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Exodus 20:12; Leviticus 19:1-5

The definition of “family” has changed over the years. Growing up in the 1970s I had a clear idea of family: it consisted of my mother and father and three siblings. As I grew older, I realized not everyone shared the same understanding or experience.

God has placed great value on the family. God has also given the family great responsibility to reflect His holiness. One common dynamic of being in a family is that we tend to let our guard down and show all our colors. We lash out first at our family when hurt or afraid. At its best the family members should reflect God’s love and grace. We have all experienced the breakdown of love within the family.

There are times when the wounds and scars are so deep that only a miraculous God can repair the damage. This is key to understanding what it means that honoring our parents leads to the promise “that you may live long in the land.” When a family lives and loves and thrives, that family continues to carry that love into future generations.

Author: Carol Rittenhouse


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