Expectation of Renewal

October 8th, 2020

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Acts 16:9-15

When was the last time you took some time to venture outside into nature expecting to find a place of prayer? Admittedly, this doesn’t seem to happen very often during this season of my life. But on those rare occasions, when I am able to encounter the greatness of God’s creation, I find the encouragement of expectation.

Expectation of His faithfulness.

Expectation of His presence.

Expectation of the fullness that comes in knowing I am loved so deeply.

While there is grandiosity in the mountains or the ocean—renewal is offered to us unconditionally, and in the most unsuspecting of places. Renewal can flow in the daily rituals of getting dressed, a gentle pause of readiness. Renewal can transform us through preparing meals, an act of worship. Renewal seeps in when we humbly expect His presence in our lives. So today, within the confines of your schedule, your geographic location, your reality, venture into a space of expectation in prayer.

Author: Kristen Bell

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