Whose Law Is It Anyway?

October 6th, 2020

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Luke 6:1-5

Have you ever encountered someone who questioned you or your intentions? Luke 6 dives into Jesus’ experience of being questioned by those who spent their lives studying and memorizing the Torah. They who deeply studied the Law, questioned the One who wrote the Law. The truth of the matter is, that if Emmanuel, God with us, was questioned by people, we, too, might encounter this type of disappointment.

As I reflect on situations where my intentions were called into question, I find myself reeling through all the many ways I had hoped the situation would go or be perceived. I naturally tend to focus on my own hurt feelings, and dwell on all things negative. Why couldn’t those questioning know my heart in the situation? Often, I end up stewing in my own emotions and thoughts. This striving, and the mental energy that is exhausted, is the opposite of resting in God’s Sabbath.

What do you find yourself reflecting on throughout the day? Are there areas that are consuming your peace despite God’s call to join Him in resting?

Author: Kristen Bell

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